This page is awesome

This page was crafted one summer Friday evening after reading Hacker News post about Design, Implementation, Copywriting and Testing happened while dring one Tuborg Classic just before putting kids to bed and reading them bedtime story. This is a culmination of years of experience on developing and building websites.

The font and the colour on this page was chosen carefully after evaluating thousands of fonts available on the website through modern browser technologies. The colour for the font was selected carefully to give good contrast against... quite frankly if I may say revolutionary background colour of this page.

Above these paragraphs of text I carefully placed a Header -tag. In case you wonder which tag I used I can tell you that I went all in and put <h1> there.

Perhaps if I ever return editing this page I might probably do something wild as list, bold, italics, links and maybe even somthing crazy such as a table. But until then.